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ReachOption is designed to be simple, inexpensive and easy. All fees that may may either be paid at closing may or deducted from the money you will receive from ReachOption up front; only the due diligence fee.

ReachOption charges the following fees:

To ReachOption:

  • Due Diligence Fee – Paid up front: $450
  • ReachOption Fee – Paid at closing: 1% of the amount
    ($100,000 results in $1,000)
  • Attorney – $1,000 paid at closing
  • Annual Verification Fee – $950 paid annually

Other fees may include:

  • Any first mortgagee fees
  • Title Insurance – to Title Insurance Company
    Appraisal – to 3rd party appraiser
  • (may use recent appraisal if available)
  • Recording fees – to government entities
There is no mortgage tax as ReachOption is not a mortgage
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