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Home Value Cash Out

ReachOption is for you if:

You have equity built up in your home and you want to get cash out for any purpose:
• Replace your existing HELOC • Reduce your outstanding mortgage
• Fund college tuition • Pay for medical expenses
• Make a charitable gift • Buy a car
• Renovate your home • Repay credit card
You are concerned about rising interest rates on your variable rate mortgage or HELOC. Don’t take on additional debt, don’t pay any interest. Sell a portion of the future appreciation in the value of your property and get cash now.
How ReachOption Works
  ReachOption allows you to cash out up to 20% of the value of your property. You get the money up front and pay no interest throughout the term of the contract; in exchange you a portion of the future appreciation of your property.
Original Price: $600,000
Current Mortgage: $480,000
Current Value: $800,000
ReachOption Pays You: $160,000
Distribution of Proceeds
  You decide to sell your property in 5 years for $850,000. With an appreciation of $50,000. Here is how the proceeds of the sale will be distributed.
Pay First Mortgage: $480,000
Pay ReachOption: $160,000
Pay ReachOption % of Appreciation: $30,000
You Keep: $180,000
ReachOption Calculators
Mortgage vs ReachOption
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Contract Money Calculator
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ReachOption Examples
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ReachOption can help you.
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