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Compare the savings between ReachOption & Mortgage Financing

Enter the amount of money you need from ReachOption and the term of the contract.  Then enter the type of mortgage and the interest rate you are borrowing the rest of your mortgage against to see the comparison between ReachOption & a traditional mortgage.

  Current Market Value Of property $ The current market value of your property if you sold it today based on a recent appraisal or your knowledge of recent sales
  Mortgage Amount $ The balance of your current mortgage, you can find this on your monthly statement. It may be called "The outstanding Principal" or "Principal Amount" or "Remaining Amount". This is not your monthly payment or the outstanding amount of monthly payments you owe.
  Amount of ReachOption Available $
Cash you can take out now
  Percent of Current Market Value Available  
  ReachOption share of Future Appreciation  
Percent of future appreciation you would share with REACHoption in return for not making any monthly payments
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Mortgage vs ReachOption
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Contract Money Calculator
See how much money is
available for your property.
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See examples of how
ReachOption can help you.
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