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Home Purchase

  • You are a first time home buyer and do not have enough money for the down payment.
  • Your family is expanding or you want to purchase a larger apartment but you can not afford the down payment.
  • The bank will only give you 60% or 70% Loan To Value and you need more money.
  • You have enough money for the down payment but you want to reduce your monthly payments.
  • You want to reduce the risk of declining real estate values.
  • You’re concerned about rising interest rates on your variable rate mortgage.

Sell a portion of the future appreciation in the value of your property and get the cash you need now.

ReachOption can help you bridge the gap in bank financing during the tightest credit environment in recent history, without additional debt burden.

ReachOption gives you cash upfront
Purchase Price: $1,000,000
Mortgage Amount: $600,000
Down Payment: $200,000
Short: -$200,000
ReachOption will fill the gap, provide you the $200,000 (20% of the value of your purchase). No interest, no monthlypayments, no negative amortization. In exchange you agree to share 60% of the future appreciation in the value of the property (if any).
After ReachOption
Sale Price: $1,100,000
Current Mortgage: $642, 801
Appreciation: $200,000
45% to ReachOption: $60,000
Your Net: $397,199
If you were to sell your home in 10 years for $1,100,000 with an appreciation of $100,000 and you paid no interest for the 10 years.
ReachOption Calculators
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